How it Works

When people rally to help someone in their family or community, Lotsa Helping Hands makes it easy for each person to know what to do and when. Create your Community web site now and have dinner or carpool duty covered by tonight.

Ready? Let’s go:

1. Click on the ‘Create’ tab

In minutes, you, a friend, or a family member can fill out the form on this page. Simply enter the name of the Community being created and your name and email address. Who should create the Community?

2. Make a list of what helpers can do

Go to the ‘Administration’ tab in your Community and begin posting volunteer needs with our easy-to-use templates. For instance, this might include dinner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights or rides to medical appointments on Tuesday mornings. When a new need is posted, everyone in your Community will get an email. The system also sends reminders to volunteers with the time, date and activity of their commitments.

3. Invite the people who want to help

Next, enter the names and email addresses of those you wish to be part of your community. Start with people who have expressed interest in helping. You can add more people anytime. No one can join your Community unless they are specifically invited by you. Those whose names you entered will receive a welcome message that will explain the service and give them all the information they need to easily join in and get started.

4. Grow your community as you go

As you like, you can add more to your Community—post photos, create custom sections, add resources from our nonprofit partners and more. Community members can join in by posting well wishes, sharing announcements and sending messages to the family.

5. Watch our Getting Started Webinar

Learn how to create a Community of support: the first steps in setting up the coordination calendar and inviting members to your Lotsa Helping Hands Community.

Tip: When watching, click this icon to view full screen.

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